We are very pleased to announce that our company was awarded in the competition of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency for the promotion of modern IT / ICT technologies as part of the Polish exhibition at the World Exhibition Expo 2020 in Dubai.

The first meeting of QGIS users took place on 19th June in Krakow. As you can see, the turnout was good. We would like to heartily thank all participants and speakers for coming, for their inspiration and all the conversations. We hope that the next meetings will be equally successful!

What do the Warsaw Zoo and EnviroSolutions trainings have in common? Well, for the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Zoological Garden in Warsaw, we decided to take care of a python molurus, one of the largest python species in the world.
It's probably obvious why we chose a python - after all, we specialize in Python in QGIS workshops.

An overview map of the pilgrimage routes to Jasna Góra in 2018. Interactive map through which you can view specific features, such as the name of the pilgrimage and its duration. The routes were developed on the basis of the main pilgrimage resting sites.

The map was made using Open Source tools: QGIS + Leaflet

In December of that year, our company had the opportunity to participate in the "Gateway to the Emirates" economic mission, which took place in the United Arab Emirates. Our "Augmented Reality" technology met with a great acclaim.

EnviroSolutions provides a high-quality drone service which can be used in:

- making high-resolution digital terrain models (DTM) and orthophotos

- monitoring environment condition and hard to reach areas (swamps, moors or avalanche areas) in 4K

- photogrammetry and accurate 3D models

- promotional materials (hotels, cities, investment areas, events)

Last weekend at the University of Warsaw took place the GIS Day - World Day of Geographic Information Systems. EnviroSolutions except presenting its products and services, made a training course for students with basics of Quantum GIS. Attendance exceeded our expectations - most of students sit in pairs at one terminal.

We are grateful to the speakers who gave very interesting speeches, as well as to the organizers, who stood up to the challenge, preparing a wonderful GIS Day event.

We are pleased to inform that our company is a Partner of event called 'Farewell to Summer', which will take place on September 6 in Piaseczno!

We warmly invite you to visit our stand where we will present our current offer - including GIS solutions for administration as well as GIS courses offer. In addition, we have prepared some contests with prizes for kids :)

See you there!

VOLUMETRIC our mobile application designed for surface measurement enjoys great popularity in the West. The latest version, which appeared on the American market gains wide acceptance in scientific community. We are positively astonished by the large amount of users from the West Coast who declare their willingness to long-term cooperation.

In the middle of the month Enviro Solutions company conducted a several-hour test of the newest FARO LS Focus3D scanner. In spite of the unfavorable weather conditions, scanning tests came out very well. Apart from the incredible ease of use and portability of the whole kit, it turned out to be highly efficient and precise. Our company is very satisfied with the tests, and certainly will be willing to cooperate with the FARO company.