EcoAlert mobile application

EcoAlert system has been developed to provide immediate and precise reporting onf environmental hazards such as:
- illegal garbage and industrial waste dumps;
- potential contamination caused by land traffic disasters;
- setting of fires, burning meadows and illegal waste incinerators;
- sources of surface water contamination.
The functioning of the system is very simple and transparent, both for a user of the mobile application reporting the event and for a user receiving the message. Two clicks are enough to file a threat notification!

Thanks to the GPS signal, reported event is located with high spatial accuracy - geographical coordinates as well as the address of a specific incident are determined based on the current location of the user at the time of reporting.

User signaling the event can use the option of adding a phone-made photo to the notification. Such a notification is then sent to the nearest unit - the type of institution responsible for handling the event is determined with the category of the reported event - based on the geolocation data of the incident.
When the relevant unit accepts the information on the event, the reporting user receives feedback in the form of a notification sent to their phone.