WodKanGIS system is primarily used to improve the management of the database describing the objects of the water supply and sewage networks. It is available in three integrated versions: WEB, Desktop and Mobile. Our offer includes a number of different modules that allow you to keep records and perform analyzes on the network. System is based on a one-time license fee (lifetime license), without the need to renew it in later.

Platform for administration and publication of digital planning data Service intended for public administration offices and spatial planning departments RAPP supports data in vector format (XML/ shp as well as raster datasets.

Platform that enables to render and visualize large point clouds in a WEB browser. 3DCS allows to run basic spatial analyzes and combine 2D with 3D view. Platform is also equipped with measurement tools to calculate distances or areas and profile or clipping tools for close up inspections.

The Academic Career Office (ABK) platform is designed for students and graduates of the Warsaw University of Technology who can efficiently look for jobs, whereas for employees. It is also used by the administration of Career Office to manage the whole platform and track professional careers of students and graduates.

Mobile application designed for tourists, using the Augmented Reality in camera view. It provides information on the location of historical and characteristic objects of a given city or region in an intuitive way. The user can determine the radius of searching for objects and then check their position in space without moving anywhere.

CityGuideTour contains short descriptions of facilities, their opening hours, possible fees and location on the map. In addition, the user has access to a photo gallery of each of the objects, as well as to the audio guide.
What's more, the application uses elements of gamification, thanks to which every user participates in the global ranking of travelers.

Creating advanced georeports - combination of statistical data presented in tabular form (Excel) and of map studies (QGIS).
Examples of applications: property valuation, insurance value appraisal, discovering convenient locations for investments, coverage maps, environmental threats and the influence of external factors, interactive statistical and spatial visualizations.

- a comprehensive tool for generating and archiving geoenvironmental reports
- minimization of cost of compensations due to incorrect planning decisions
- support for advanced GIS analyses, including flood zones, flammability classification, landslides, solar maps, road and industrial noise
- automatic identification of spatial data
- the possibility of choosing map background and adding layers of record plots
- a map system not dependent on Internet connection NEW
- searching by address, pointing or coordinates

EcoAlert system has been developed to provide immediate and precise reporting onf environmental hazards such as:
- illegal garbage and industrial waste dumps;
- potential contamination caused by land traffic disasters;
- setting of fires, burning meadows and illegal waste incinerators;
- sources of surface water contamination.
The functioning of the system is very simple and transparent, both for a user of the mobile application reporting the event and for a user receiving the message. Two clicks are enough to file a threat notification!