We have extensive experience in the implementation of mobile applications and systems using the Augmented Reality. We conducted several national and international projects based on this modern technology.

We provide full project support: starting from the concept, through graphics and development, ending with analyses and implementation. We also integrate existing devices or systems by coupling them with AR technology.

We specialize mainly in applications for iOS and Android platforms.

Our offer includes creating spatial analyses concerning issues such as:
- flood zones (areas potentially in danger of flooding)
- solar maps (e.g. installation of solar batteries)
- zones at risk of fire (flammability of the are, sources of ignition, spread of fire)
- location of wind farms (on land and water)
- communication and industrial noise (nuisance zones, noise spread over time)
- classification of land cover and classification of buildings
- landslides
- maps of temperatures and selected weather phenomena
- terrain and land cover

We create and support mapping services available on the Internet. The service includes:
- comprehensive implementation of the event's website
- integration of the website with social media such as: Facebook, YouTube or Twitter
- option of embedding a map service on the customer’s website
- clear presentation of spatial and descriptive data in a map form
- compliance with the OGC standards and the guidelines of the INSPIRE Directive