We offer professional GIS courses from QGIS, ArcGIS as well as survey technologies.

We have extensive experience in training i.e. use GIS technology in public administration. We place great emphasis on the practical application of the provisions of the INSPIRE Directive and the Law IIP (Infrastructure for Spatial Information).

Our offer includes also spatial analysis, such as:

- floodplain zones (areas potentially at risk of flood)
- solar maps (i.e. solar battery installation)
- fire-prone zones (flammability of land, sources of ignition, flame spread)
- location of wind farms (at the land and water)
- traffic and industrial noise (noise nuisance zones as well its spreading in time)

We create mobile applications on devices supported Android, IOS and WindowsPhone:

- applications for measuring and spatial data collection

- applications dedicated for a particular clients (tourism, marketing, conferences etc.)

- applications that use an Augmented Reality technology

Our company specialized in creating GIS software, mainly decision support systems for spatial planning (including crisis management). From simple database applications to complex to multi-workstation systems connected with mobile services.

nVIRO GeoReport is one of our flagship product.

EnviroSolutions provides a high-quality drone service which can be used in:

- making high-resolution digital terrain models (DTM) and orthophotos

- monitoring environment condition and hard to reach areas (swamps, moors or avalanche areas)

- photogrammetry and accurate 3D models

- promotional materials (hotels, cities, investment areas, events)

We creating web map services and applications:

- complex WEB map services managing all kind of spatial data (public administration, investment areas, crisis management, sports and promotion events)

- WEB map services for database management (internal or external)

- effective and easy to use tool for environment and spatial monitoring, infrastructure condition, incidents reporting etc.